About us

About us

Allegiant Church & Creative Ministries began as Destiny Outreach in Pastor Rodney Hall’s living room in April 2006. A group of 12 people prayed and discussed our desire to accomplish God’s mission in Sampson County, NC, and the surrounding region. All agreed that there was a great need to train disciples of Jesus Christ using contemporary methods.

For the next several months, our team focused on prayer, leadership training, and research. We attended other churches in the area to better understand how God was working in various ministries and sought to discern what our niche was to be. Power and Victory Church, which had been formed a few years earlier, turned over their corporation to the small band of believers. We changed the name on May 25, 2006, and Destiny Outreach was official.

Later that year, our church began meeting in a daycare center. When we outgrew that, the owner of a tractor shop in Harrells, NC agreed to lease his building on Sunday mornings for service. Although there was no air conditioning, tractors had to be rolled to the side, and equipment and chairs had to be setup and torn down each service, our team could not have been happier. We were moving forward in God’s call!

In 2007, it seemed apparent that we needed a more permanent location where Bible study, counseling, prayer, and other ministry related activities could take place. After much searching, a former dance studio became available in a building just off Highway 701 in Clinton, NC. The space was smaller than desired, but was the only option available. Our team moved walls, built a stage, painted, laid carpet, and much more. The landlord even agreed to share his office with our Pastor at no charge.

Several months later, tenants in the front part of the building vacated, making much needed space available for a small welcome center and classrooms. A formidable renovation process was undertaken and within months, two new classrooms and a nursery were available. The landlord also relinquished all rights to his office, making it one-hundred percent available for our Pastor and his guests.

During these same years, Pastor Rodney and Destiny Outreach partnered with New Vision Church of Clinton and Covenant Bible College and Seminary of Tallahassee, FL to offer classes to local students. Over the next several years, Pastor Rodney served as Campus Director and regular instructor, graduating several students from the local area.

Around 2015, Destiny Outreach cast a vision for greater media outreach. We began fundraising and researching to expand Internet Ministry. We purchased media equipment and resources over time in the hopes of making it possible. In 2018, an event to train church leaders in Pakistan, through Skype, quickly transformed into a partnership to evangelize outlying regions of that country. Many in small villages had never even heard the Gospel. From September 2018 to December 2019, this partnership yielded over 1,400 new believers, and over 70 new house churches in one of the least Christian nations in the world. The ministry has now expanded to two Pakistani pastors, with a vision for even greater impact.

While we are deeply humbled by the great work God has allowed us to do in Sampson County, Pakistan, Kenya and other places, we believe we are called to do much more. One of our greatest limitations had been space.

In 2020, Destiny Outreach purchased a new facility! This new facility seats over 400 and provides the room we have been praying for to offer Community Events such as Faith-Based Theatre and Arts Performances, Various Classes and Conferences, and much more. Our stage plays, dinners and videos have been enjoyed by many in the past and we look forward to many more in the near future.

With the new location, Destiny Outreach then became Allegiant Church & Creative Ministries, We are praising God for miraculously opening all the doors!

We believe the new decade will be our best so far. All glory of God!