Messages on Spiritual Growth

Messages on Spiritual Growth

The Revelation of Jesus in Passover

We take a look at the Feast of Passover and how as Christians we can see Jesus in the Jewish Feasts. Download the Passover Charts “The Feasts of the Lord” and “When Was Jesus Crucified and Resurrected?” by clicking here. Pastor Rodney references the book “Celebrating Jesus in the Biblical Feasts” by Dr. Richard Booker. This series includes Sunday morning services and Wednesday Discipleship Classes.


It was a great blessing to have Pastor Terrance Williams preach our final message of the year at Allegiant Church & Creative Ministries. He spoke on our Identity is our foundation.

Citizens of Two Kingdoms

Pastor Rodney spoke from 1 Peter 2:11-17. We are adopted into the Kingdom of God as our first citizenship. We are foreigners here and this is our temporary residence.


Pastor Rodney speaks about the descent of sin in the story of Adam and Eve and the story of Cain.