The Study of Killing Kryptonite by John Bevere

The Study of Killing Kryptonite by John Bevere

Thank you for joining us as we discuss “Killing Kryptonite” by John Bevere.

You can purchase the book at Christian Book Distributors or Amazon or anywhere books are sold.

Messenger International is the ministry of John and Lisa Bevere. You can support them directly by ordering through them and purchasing other books as well.

Below are the Student Handouts to use with each session.

Course Certificate

To receive a Course Certificate for completing this course, participants are required to read the book (“Killing Kryptonite” by John Bevere), complete the study guides,
and write a 1,500 – 2,000 (max) word essay answering the following questions:

  1. What did you learn from this study?
  2. What stood out about your personal experiences with “spiritual kryptonite”?
  3. How has your perspective been changed through this study and your personal time with God?
  4. How do you plan to grow through what you have learned in this course?

Completed essays can be emailed to or submitted in person to Mike or Michelle Thompson.

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